History Walk With Historian Patti Smith : (Ann Arbor Michigan USA)

  • History Walk With Historian Patti Smith
  • History Walk With Historian Patti Smith Ann & Main St
  • History Walk With Historian Patti Smith
  • History Walk With Historian Patti Smith


  • Are you into exploring history? Do you love experiencing local food scene? This is the tour for you.
  • By The Sidewalk Food Tours is proud to collaborate with local historian, teacher & author Patti Smith to host you on this event series.
  • Turn the clock on today's iconic Ann Arbor downtown streets to entertaining stories about its history!
  • Between historic anecdotes, you will experience the local food scene. Meticulously paired food and drink tastings for a satisfying mid-day meal await you.
  • Get on this tour to be a part of thriving Ann Arbor/Kerrytown food scene along with its history and fun trivia.
  • Walk away with fun stories about Ann Arbor history, broad smiles, satisfied taste buds and the confidence to continue exploring the city by the sidewalk!

What to Expect?

  • Early residents of Ann Arbor were limited in their culinary choices--teas, coffees, bread, meat--and most food was eaten at home. Today, our little city boasts some of the finest restaurants and food stuffs in the area. Join By the Sidewalk Tours and local historian Patti Smith as we learn about the people and businesses who helped get our town up and running. In between the history stops, we'll enjoy the types of foods that those very folks might have enjoyed and snack on foods they couldn't have dreamed of!
  • On our historic walk, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide Patti will illuminate stories of historic significance of landmarks, best kept secrets in the town and personal anecdotes about how the area became an intriguing neighborhood it is today!
  • By The Sidewalk will provide you with recommendations for activities you might enjoy doing after the tour.
  • Tastings and locations subject to change.

Who Should take this food tour?

  • History Walk with historian Patti Smith By The Sidewalk Tour is perfect for Ann Arbor natives and tourists alike. This tour is for folks looking to explore the history of the area and are ready to expand their taste palates to Ann Arbor’s local culinary scene.
  • The tastings on this tour are designed around a High Tea meal and not conventional heavy meals.
  • Kindly note, this is a special event series which will run once a month and has limited slots available. Get on it now!